Are you afraid that your products will be difficult to access with your customers because of language differences? Don't worry, I will guide you to use a few translation apps so your goods and stores can get closer to customers from all over the world without being affected by language gaps.

Beae works well with Shopify recommended apps like T Lab, Translate My Store, Langify...

For example: Your Clients form Vietnamese and they don't know English. So the translate apps is your solution. They will be translate all the word on the website from English to Vietnamese by exactly not like words by words.

You can only translate published pages
1. T Lab ‑ AI Language Translate

To translate your pages, please follow the below steps:

The first, you need to install the T Lab app here

After installed it, go to Shopify admin > Apps > Open T Lab app.

Open TRANSLATIONS tab, select Translations for language and Translation of to Theme sections.

Scroll down a bit, you will see all pages create with Beae to translate.

2. Translate My store app

You can install this app here

After installed it, go to Shopify admin > Apps > Open Translate My Store app.

From the app dashboard, choose Manual Translations.

Select Language to Translate, Resource Type to Translate and Click on the Load Items for Manual Translation button.

Click on three dots and open Sections tab.

Here you will see page content to translate. Click on three dots to see more pages.

In case you do not see the pages created with Beae, please click on the "Sync items" button to get latest items.

To make it easier to find the page names in the translate app, you should set Page handle or human url for page. Go to edit page in Beae app > Open Page settings to add page url.

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