Loox is an well-known app for displaying product reviews on your store, which helps boost sale and creditability. For the mentioned benefits of the features of such app, there is no doubt why the apps' popularity is always on a rise all the time. This article will walk you through how you can integrate Loox to your Beae Theme Builder, display it on your templates as well as adjust it to your likings.

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A. How to integrate Loox to Beae Theme Builder
B. How to add Loox product review to your pages

A. How to integrate Loox to Beae Theme Builder

Select any page or templates to edit from your Beae dashboard.
As the Beae Theme Builder appear, select the hamburger menu on the upper left-hand side corner of your screen > Extensions
You can either search for Loox with the search tool or manually browse for that on the extensions list.
Click Install on the extension card.

Loox Integration

After , in Extesions will appear 06 tabs

B. How to add Loox Product Review & Photos from Shopify

Research and Add Loox app from Shopify App Store.
Go to Shopify Admin > Apps and select Install App -> Let's get started
Finish the in-app setting and import your reviews. To understand how you can import product reviews to Loox, please check Loox instruction on adding product review.

C. How to add Loox product review to your pages

To easily add star ratings to your product page, you can easily drag the Star Ratings element housed within the 3rd-Party Apps category.

Loox star ratings

You can also add the review widget to your product page to show the product reviews and photos.

Loox Review widget
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