This Content element should be used on the Article template. It is used to automatically display the current a Blog post's content from Shopify.

You can't edit directly this content in Beae Editor, you must edit through Shopify Dashboard > Online Store > Blog posts.

PREVIEW: Select a specific Blog post to display its content to preview.

Content Type

Text: Only pure texts from the blog content will show up. No break line, no alignment, images are here; because all the HTML tags that come from the blog content are skipped. But you can still style your Article content later by using the Design tab.

The content above is generated automatically from Shopify Dashboard > Online Store > Blog posts > select the post that you are viewing > Edit content. In Shopify, you can use rich text editor to format and style for your blog post content.

HTML: When you choose this option, both texts and HTML tag can show up. As a result, your content looks similar with how it's on the blog live page with table, columns, line-break, images, etc are all visible.

You can edit the HTML source here: Shopify Dashboard > Online Store > Blog posts > Click the code icon at the top to switch to HTML mode.

Display mode

This feature allows you can change the length of the content when displayed.

Full description: Allows you can show full content of the blog post.

Short description: You can select Short when you want to show less texts. When you select this Short option, the Maximum words to show options will be visible > Enter a number of words.

Max-height: This configure the height of the content in PX, VH, VW unit.

Only when Content Type is HTML this option will show up.
Show view more button?: If customers want to read a more detailed content, they can do so by clicking on this button.


Design Tab allows you can set the alignment, typography, text color, text shadow and spacing for the article content.

To understand more about the configurations Content field at design tab, you can check this guide
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