The Article Title element automatically display the title of the current blog post and allow you to change the title's design.


PREVIEW: The preview option allow you to pick a blog article and display its title in backend to preview.

HTML Tag: The HTML Tag option allows you to select the HTML tag of the blog title, you can select H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.

Custom Classes: The Classes option allows you to add HTML classes to the article title. If you want more style for the title, you can add Custom classes here and go to Page Settings to add CSS code. Moreover, you can only see the classes when inspecting Dev tools. If you don't know CSS and don't need any styling, you can skip it. We have enough options to style for your article title.


Alignment: Allow you align the Article Title. You can choose Align Left, Align Right or Align Center. This option available for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Typography: Allow you can design the title with option for font family, font size, font weight, text transform, text style, text decoration, line height and letter spacing. You can customize it on many devices.

Text Color: This option allow you to change the color of the title.

Text Shadow: This option allow you to add a text shadow behind the title with options for Color, Blur, Horizontal and Vertical position.

Spacing: The Spacing option allows you to change the Padding and Margin of the article title. You can customize it on many devices.

Advanced Tab

Every Basic elements always has this tab. The settings here takes effect on the whole element.

To understand more about the configurations at Advanced, you can check this guide.
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